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ZJO Members is our new program to benefit those are interested in our services and would like to take a deeper look.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to our live shipping rates

  • A dedicated team to respond to your questions.

  • Be the first to receive the latest news in the shipping industry.

  • Be the first to be notified when we have any offers.

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If you are already a member, please login using your dedicated page and password, which should have been provided to you when your registration was approved by us.

Should you not be able to find them or have lost access to them, please contact us now at zjoverseas@gmail.com or xs-cus7@zjoverseas.com

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 Established more than a decade ago, we specialise in global logistics and have lots of experience in this field.

Working closely with global carriers, we have served numerous major projects around the world and have delivered excellent results.



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