Our Offices

Shanghai Office (Headquarters)

Situated in one of the world's most luxurious mega-cities, our Shanghai office was one of the first branches which we opened. It is now our headquarters, and it is surrounded by many creative businesses, giving it a postitive vibe. This is undoubtedly an excellent location for our business to expand, and for our partnership to begin.

Hangzhou Office

It is situated inland, in the city where the G20 Conference took place. We have chosen for our branch to be located where Cross-Platform E-Commerce is very popular, with companies such as Alibaba and Huawei located minutes away. As we look to expand further and take customer experience to a whole new level, we will be launching our new price checker platform, and the technological expertise available to us in the city will enable us to perfect the system.

Ningbo Office

Located at a port where lots of import and export take place due to demand from manufactures and the famous Yiwu market. This branch allows us to communicate to the personnels at ports more effectively, making our service more efficient and quicker.

Xiamen Office

Xiamen is a very famous tourist attraction. The main products of this city are artistic stones and fine china. Our Xiamen branch is a very professional and are specialists in the transportation of heavy cargos and custom transport solutions for fragile cargo.

Qingdao Office

As the city which hosted Olympic Sailing for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, it is a nature place for a large port. Its beer is also famous worldwide. Qingdao produces a lot of fabric products, tyres and plywood as well as garlic and seafood. the city naturally has a very large demand for exporting of goods, as well as the import of cotton. Our branch specialises in the import of cotton, and reefer (for goods like seafood, garlic and vegetables).

Shenzhen Office

Our team in Shenzhen is made of young employees, and this is a huge advantage to us, as they add drive and energy into our company. The main role of our Shenzhen branch is customer service and support. So most issues relating to customer relations will be up to them to deal with. They also service the economic area around them, which is very strong as well.

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